Call me Santa…

Bloggers, Instagrammers, Photographers and Influencers,  I don’t know about you, but I have spent so many hours searching for the perfect backdrop, waiting for the perfect light, just to get one shot that I am happy with. Until now.


Hello! I’m Sarah Ferguson – Wife, Mama to Wren, Coffee Drinker and blogger. When PhotoBoards™ founder Lyndsey James set me a wonderful styling challenge I jumped at the opportunity and I’m here to tell you all about it!

The challenge? To capture a variety of festive themed shots using just one PhotoBoard™ (the Wooden Farmhouse Floor 60cm design).  To begin with I was a little worried about how I would manage.  We live in a pretty dark home, there isn’t a lot of natural light, so I worried that I’d be able to do these shots justice. I didn’t need to worry, these boards have been created in such a way that they have been shot to look completely real life, you literally cannot tell the difference between an actual table top, and the Photo Board.

There are two different sizes of boards; a 40 x 40cm, ideal for small products; mugs, jewellery, small plants etc, or a 60 x 60cm perfect for slightly larger props, or for using as a wall, background or floor.  Generally they are super easy to use and once you’ve got one, the ideas of what you can use them for will flood in as they did for me; use them as a wall, use them as your floor, use them as a fence, whatever life you imagine for your Photo Board, with a bit of experimenting, it can take it on.

The way they have been shot themselves means that lighting becomes the least of your worries,  you can position your props, experiment with angles, and if it doesn’t look right flip the board round 45 degrees and it completely changes the look. 

Photo by Sarah Ferguson

I used the Wooden Farmhouse Floor board under our Christmas tree first, as much as I would love a wooden living room floor, I have inherited a rather beige looking carpet that we just haven’t gotten round to changing… The board not only allows me to dream of the perfect interior but it also creates a lovely backdrop for aerial shots, even when blurred.  

Shooting the board as an entrance hall in focus with my doormat was also super easy.  Having your props creep in on the corners means you give the illusion that the board in fact takes up a much larger area.  What better way to shoot your doormat this Christmas than covered in cards and letters sent from loved ones, imagine what Santa’s must look like this time of year!

Photo by Sarah Ferguson

Next I decided to create a Christmassy scene on a kitchen or dining table, a festive wrapping station and the festive treats you’ll leave out for the big guy or your family.  Shooting the boards at different angles as I have done below, is really easy.  Flatlays can get a bit samey, too many on your Instagram grid can get boring, so being able to shoot from an angle that isn’t ‘above’ but still gets the right effect is awesome. 

Photo by Sarah Ferguson

Think log cabin with panel walls, wreaths hung in every hallway,  I think I got the desired effect for this foraging scene.  And all I had to do was stand the board up and lean it against some kitchen cupboards, you would never tell that behind the appearance of perfectly sanded panels was a white Ikea kitchen unit, honestly, you just need to try them to really appreciate how great they are.  

Photo by Sarah Ferguson

I’ve got my eye on a few more board designs already, the creative in me gets so inspired thinking of all the shots I can style and shoot.  Seriously guys, you need to get your hands on just one of these boards, and thank me later. Sarah

Photo by Sarah Ferguson

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When we first saw Sarah’s creativity with my PhotoBoards™ on her Instagram feed we knew she would do a great job of our blogger challenge. Sarah has a lovely muted, moody style to her imagery and her blog is a delightful, peaceful read. -LJ

Photos ©Sarah Ferguson 2016