Student stories from behind the lens

Student photo

Student Photo by Melanie Ward

Great photos can make all the difference to your craft business, simultaneously improving your brand image and your sales!

But don’t just take my word for it – see what my students have said about the impact of photography on their craft businesses after learning how to take their own brilliant photography on my 100 lesson photography & styling e-course


Consistency is king!


Recent graduate Emma Longbottom truly excelled in her class this year – taking dreamy images of her sensitive and delicate sewn compositions that ooze a carefree style and work so well on her website. Head here to her website Harper and Finch to take a peek and you’ll see a beautiful consistency to the images that makes it look super stylish and professional.

Saving money in the long run


My idea for Photocraft as an online photography school came from meeting and quoting for so many makers as a professional Photographer.

It’s so difficult for creative businesses to get that all important consistent look because let’s face it you can’t always have a photographer on hand when you’ve made something incredible and want it on your website right away. Maybe you have made a one off that needs to be shipped but you could really do with a great photo. The short timescales from idea to reality that designer-makers work to just don’t work with the long waiting times you will face when booking a good photographer.

So I thought why not give makers the power to take their own great photos? It’s not rocket science and they already have the creativity element mastered.

By teaching you the skills you need to take your own amazing images time after time it’s saving you money and time too! One of my talented students, wedding accessories designer Donna Crain, took this idea and ran with it – embracing her course lessons and creating stunning product images. A professional photographer would be pleased with this one – simply gorgeous!

Confidence building


By teaching students how to not only use their cameras but truly understand them, my students’ photography and their confidence with their cameras thrives.

I tend to encourage my students to put aside their jargon laden instruction manuals, and in the 100 lesson e-course I guide you through with language you’ll understand and can put into practice. More importantly, with practice and encouragement you will be able to remember the lessons when you’re taking your own photos.

As you can see from student Caroline McFarlane’s lovely shot for Jane Means ribbons and giftwrap,  when you master both styling and camera settings they come together and make magic!

A fresh business outlook


My students often tell me that my course and workshops not only give them confidence with their cameras but invigorate their approach to their businesses too.

Having been around the business block a fair few times with various ventures while all the while being a freelance photographer (I’m not so good at doing just one thing at a time!!), I have learned all sorts of lessons and experiences that I love to share. I have a crazy amount of stories to tell too so feel free to ask me! Ultimately though I really want my students to see how these skills can improve their business image overall, so we do go a lot deeper than this setting and that.

The amazing mixed media artist Helen Hallows had this to say about my teaching method…

As well as giving me practical, technical skills, the course has made me take stock of what I want for my business and how I want it to look. Lyndsey has encouraged me to strive for the best possible image for my business and through doing the course I have been reminded how much I love what I do. I have fallen in love with colour and styling and I’m so excited about building my brand.  HELEN HALLOWS

Ready to improve your photography?

If these brilliant student shots have inspired you to join me and learn how to take your own beautiful images then you’re in luck!

I’ve added more start dates to my 100 lesson Photography & Styling E-course so you can start very soon and fit your learning around your own schedule – learning at a pace and time that suits you, with a 24 week access period to complete just 6 weeks worth of lessons.

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Lyndsey James is a photography & styling tutor with over 12 years experience as a professional photographer, and the founder of Photocraft®.

Previously a high street retailer too, Lyndsey combines her retail and commercial photography experience to help others succeed in retail online through her photography & styling events & e-courses. She also speaks at craft & business events around Europe and has worked with Etsy, Folksy, Kirstie Allsopp, Enterprise Nation, Craft Central, Digital Photographer Magazine + more.