Photocraft® Photography & Styling E-course by Lyndsey James

2016-17 Course dates

Fit the course around your life and holidays! Choose your start date and enjoy 24 weeks of lesson and tutor access to complete the lessons and assignments.


11th Jan – 27th Jun

22nd Feb – 8th Aug

25th Apr – 19th Oct

13th Jun – 27th Nov

12th Sept – 26th Feb

7th Nov – 30th Apr


16th Jan – 2nd July

Ticket Prices

Full course £495


100 Lessons & Assignments spread over 6 weeks

24 weeks of course access

Downloadable notes

Tutor interaction & Live chat room

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The Lessons

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Week 1

This e-course guides you through the stages of planning, lighting and shooting your products, creations or adventures in the professional way!

We kick off this fun course with creating a mood board for your brand and discovering what props and backgrounds you need!

Week 1 includes:

  • Camera basics to instantly improve your photos
  • How to define your perfect customer and target them through clever imagery
  • How to define your own photographic style that is different and unique
  • How to research and apply colour trends to your photos
  • How to select perfect backdrops for your photos
  • How to make your own backdrops or where to source them
  • Photo formats and the roles of different photo types

Week 2

Next we look at styling in another fun week of lessons

You will learn…

  • How professionals use clever prop tricks to make their sets look real
  • Where to position your props in a photo and choose which props work with the subject
  • Essential props and tools for your prop box!
  • How to create seasonal photos
  • How to add value to your brand and create desirable photo downloads
  • How to decide on props for large and small subjects
  • How to make useful lighting tools

Week 3

Photography means to draw with light, and in week 3 we learn exactly how to do that! Become a master at lighting and your photos will instantly look professional.

You will learn:

  • How to light your subjects using natural light
  • How to remove reflections or add highlights to a subject
  • How to create atmosphere and mood using simple lighting tricks
  • How to get bright & colourful photos every time!
  • Creating a magazine style lifestyle look using light
  • How to capture colours accurately
  • How to create brilliant white backgrounds for small-medium sized items (using just a window and daylight!)
  • A little history of photography and how modern day cameras capture an image

Week 4

In week 4 we look at your camera and how to replicate the beautiful scene you have created before you, taking control of your camera after learning how to create the elusive white background!

You will learn…

  • Quick tricks to improve the accuracy of your photos, understanding how your camera gets it wrong
  • The fundamental rules of Exposure and how to control your camera in manual modes
  • How to control exposure like a pro and remove trial and error from your photo shoot
  • Simple ways to understand exposure settings and what they mean for your photography
  • How to control background blur and focus on specific areas of the scene
  • How to create super cute shaped bokeh

Week 5

By this stage you have mastered styling and lighting techniques and we continue with conquering those camera skills!

You will learn:

  • How to remove the fuzzy look and achieve crystal clear photos
  • How to capture motion and add life to an image
  • How to get great photos in tricky lighting conditions or on the move
  • How to decide which camera settings to use for different scenarios
  • All about lenses and understanding what your camera can see
  • How some cameras produce better results than others and what you should look for in a camera
  • How to work on location
  • How to become a story teller and take killer editorial shots
  • How to photograph your studio and other room scenes
  • How to work with models or take stunning selfies!

Week 6

In the final weekof lessons we bring all of the previous lessons together to great effect in creating a solid photo shoot plan and taking some fabulous photos that will work hard for your business!!

You will:

  • Learn Tips for photographing specific tricky subject types
  • Learn How to further style your image digitally
  • Discover How to watermark your photos
  • Learn How to resize your photos for different formats
  • Perfect digital cut outs of an item from a background
  • Plan your own photo shoots & complete Photo shoot assignments
  • Create your own Step by step photo shoot guide from my blue print!

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Photocraft® – Latest Student Reviews

Flat lay photography workshop

5 5 1
This was a really good day out - great to get away from the day to day of the business, but fabulous to be doing such fun photography that is perfect for so many uses. Despite the grey, grey day, we all produced some amazing images. Really inspiring and Lyndsay just has such good tips and advice. I don't think anyone would be disappointed. Might even do it again!

Flat lay photography workshop

5 5 1
Really enjoyed this 1 day workshop for creating eye catching flat lays for use with social media and product photography. I would highly recommend it. Thanks Lyndsey :)

The Best Money Your Business Will Ever Spend

5 5 1
I cannot say enough good about this course! Before I signed up, I was worried about spending what seemed like a lot of money. I'm very nearly at the end of the course now and I can honestly say that it's the best money the business has EVER spent. The way the course is structured is so clever and simple. I'm not very technically minded but even I could understand the simple way the course is presented. As well as helping me to develop valuable camera skills (and knowledge), the course also covers styling, set up, lighting etc. and has made me think about my product presentation in a whole new creative way. The difference between the photos I was taking before I started this course and the photographs I have taken with my new found knowledge is would never think they were taken by the same person with the same camera! I strongly believe that beautiful pictures sell products and this course really has helped me to start taking beautiful pictures that I'm proud of instead of mediocre product snaps (at best). I can't wait to re-photograph everything on our website. If you're debating about whether or not this course is worth the money..........STOP DEBATING! Honestly! Sign up as soon as you can. I wish I had done it ages ago. I can't think of one bad thing to say about the course.

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