What will I learn on the E-course?

♥ Through daily lessons & assignments over 6 weeks, learn everything you need to know about Photo shoot Planning, Styling, Camera Skills and Lighting techniques for photographing lovely things for your blog or online store.

♥ Recommended course time is 50 hours to read all of the lessons and complete the assignments, but you have 24 weeks of course access to complete it at your leisure and fit the course around your life.

♥ If you have ever envied bloggers and sellers with great photography and wish you could take your own beautiful photos then this course is for you!

♥ Aimed at complete photography beginners, Lyndsey’s Photocraft e-course will have you feeling camera confident in no time.

What makes Photocraft® unique?

♥ With 14 years experience as a professional photographer, Lyndsey knows the skills you need to take great photos for your business and teaches you how to shoot like a pro using easy tricks and tips.

♥ Course places are limited so that you can be personally guided through your course by Lyndsey with feedback and encouragement as and when you need it.

♥ Small group chat rooms allow you to make friends and share your progress and achievements with other creative business owners to keep you motivated.

♥ You control the pace at which you learn, with 24/7 access to work the course around your business.

♥ Students from 6 continents of the world have signed up to learn with Photocraft!

Photocraft® – Latest Student Reviews

100 Lesson E-Course

5 5 1
This course has been the most amazing journey I have taken in a long while. Lyndsey is a natural born teacher. She is encouraging yet patient. She explains everything in a down to earth way. You never feel intimidated by jargon. Both my product photos and my social media photos have improved no end and I feel confident that I now have the tools to keep on practising and improving. I've already seen this translate into more sales and more followers on social media. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, and I can't wait to do more courses or workshops with Lyndsey!

100 Lesson E-Course

5 5 1
This course is the best online course that I have ever done (and I have done several art related courses before) Lyndsey is very clever in the way in which she has put it together. It was fascinating, perfectly paced and just a pleasure to do. I have learnt so much, as Lyndsey is very generous with the course content and with the feedback she gives whilst working through each module. I didn't want the course to end, and just wish that I lived closer so that I could attend all the workshops as well. Thank you !

The Best Money Your Business Will Ever Spend

5 5 1
I cannot say enough good about this course! Before I signed up, I was worried about spending what seemed like a lot of money. I'm very nearly at the end of the course now and I can honestly say that it's the best money the business has EVER spent. The way the course is structured is so clever and simple. I'm not very technically minded but even I could understand the simple way the course is presented. As well as helping me to develop valuable camera skills (and knowledge), the course also covers styling, set up, lighting etc. and has made me think about my product presentation in a whole new creative way. The difference between the photos I was taking before I started this course and the photographs I have taken with my new found knowledge is unbelievable.....you would never think they were taken by the same person with the same camera! I strongly believe that beautiful pictures sell products and this course really has helped me to start taking beautiful pictures that I'm proud of instead of mediocre product snaps (at best). I can't wait to re-photograph everything on our website. If you're debating about whether or not this course is worth the money..........STOP DEBATING! Honestly! Sign up as soon as you can. I wish I had done it ages ago. I can't think of one bad thing to say about the course.

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2016-17 Course dates

Fit the course around your life and holidays! Choose your start date and enjoy 24 weeks of lesson and tutor access to complete 6 weeks of lessons and assignments.


11th Jan

22nd Feb

25th Apr

13th Jun

12th Sept

7th Nov


16th Jan

New course coming in Summer 2017!