• How does Online Learning work?

    E-learning means a course that is delivered electronically, and my popular e-course is hosted in a virtual classroom environment that is accessed by students worldwide with a username and password, just like you would access any other password protected website. When logged in you can access the daily lessons and inspiration.

    “successful e-learning depends on the self-motivation of individuals to study effectively”

  • Can I spread the cost?

    We do not currently offer an option to spread the cost of your course, but sign up to our free weekly tips to receive a course discount!

  • I had a module ticket but can’t find them anymore

    Students who have previously held a Module ticket can continue on the Module ticket process within a year of their original course start date. Use the Contact Us page to request the ticket link where you can purchase the next Module of your course.

    We no longer offer Module ticket options to new students.

  • I don’t sell products, can I still do the course?

    Absolutely! If you want to sell a lifestyle, a product or simply take better photos for your social media, you will be able to apply the lessons!

    My popular Photography & Styling e-course attracts people who make, bake and blog for a living, but I have also had yoga instructors, teachers, chefs, web designers all sorts of creative people on the course who would love to master their camera and take better photos for their business, you just need to make the lessons work for you and be aware that the example photos might not be exactly the same as what you want to photograph.

    The lessons are not on specific subjects for example how to photograph a cupcake they are more general such as how to achieve background blur. This means that almost every lesson is relevant to everyone on the course.

    The emphasis is on commercial photography – taking photos with a customer in mind, taking photos that will sell a lifestyle, product or idea to them, so we tackle the common commercial photography problems, such as Photographing reflective items or choosing the best photo props, and the planning section of the course revolves around your brand and customers/readers. You can read more about the subject by expanding the Modules on the Course Page.

  • Can I download the lessons to keep?

    No you won’t need to! The lessons are a mixture of step by step video tutorials and written content with imagery displayed on a web page. PDF notes are provided so that you can download them and refer to them long after the course has ended, and you will also be making lots of notes and creating your own photography manual during the course thanks to the fun daily assignments.

  • Do I have to log in at an exact time?

    No, the beauty of online learning is that you can access the classroom at any time of day or night! 24/7 the lessons will be there waiting for you.

  • How much time will it take to complete the lessons?

    How much time you spend practicing with your photography & styling is up to you. You could easily work full time on your course for 6 weeks by taking time to practice, or just spend an hour on lesson days reading the lessons. Remember you get out what you put in!

    The 100 lessons would take around 5 minutes to read or watch each lesson and we recommend spending around 30 minutes per lessons putting the lesson into practice. With this is mind you should allow 50 hours over the 24 week access period to complete the course.

  • What can I expect to find when I log in?

    At 09.00 (UK time) on your course start date you will find the first 3 of 100 lessons are published. Then over the first week of access, daily lessons are published until all lessons in week 1 are live. This allows you to find a relaxed pace and take your time with the lessons.

    Each Monday you will see all of the lessons for that week are published.

    A lesson will include theory, thoughts and ideas on a specific topic followed by a task for you to complete. The task could be written, research, or practical.

    You can discover what topics the course covers on the course page.

  • What if I am late starting or need a few days off?

    No problem! Just tune in and catch up when you can, you have a total of 24 weeks before the classroom closes.

  • Are the assignments graded?

    No, all practice tasks and assignments are optional and are designed to assist you in practising and developing your newly learnt skills.

  • Photography is a technical subject, will it be difficult?

    Yes Photography is technical, containing lots of science and maths! Sadly you can’t learn photography in depth and understand how to control your camera without learning the technical stuff so the course includes some technical as well as lots of creative lessons, but don’t worry, it is explained in a fun easy way and you can ask Lyndsey and your classmates for help whenever you need it!

  • What are the technical requirements?

    All you need to access the classroom is a computer with browser and internet connection. The website is tested with the latest desktop version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and on mobile Safari and Chrome. No special software is required for the lessons in the course. Videos are streamed via Vimeo. If you can view videos on Vimeo then you will be able to view the videos embedded in the course. (see the Terms & Conditions for advice on viewing the course in countries that restrict access to some websites)

  • What camera do I need?

    I have written a page about equipment for the Photography & Styling e-course. You can find it here: Equipment

  • Will there be lots of expensive equipment to buy?

    No, I understand that businesses are operated on tight budgets and I am not expecting you to spend money on professional equipment. All you need is a camera and a tripod. I share resourceful alternatives to professional studio equipment, all you need is a little imagination!

  • I don’t own a tripod, Can you recommend one?

    A great tripod for crafters and foodies is this Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod it has an arm that allows you to position your camera away from the centre – making it a great tripod for flat lay/overhead photos. It is sturdy and quite heavy so this tripod is not ideal for those who are always on the move. Tripods fit all cameras – if you see a threaded hole on the underside of your camera it will fit onto a tripod!

  • Will I be able to commiunicate with the other students?

    Yes you will be grouped with a small group of fellow students in your own exclusive chat room! You can visit the chat room at any time to discuss lessons, ideas or just day to day life as a creative! Your tutor Lyndsey will also visit your chat room on a regular basis to answer any questions and follow your progress.

  • I have learning difficulties, will I struggle to keep up?

    Once a lesson is published it remains live, meaning you can revisit a lesson as many times as you need to until you feel ready to move onto the next one. With 24 weeks of lesson access this is plenty of time to revisit the 6 weeks of lessons multiple times.

    It might be that you need something explained in a different way. Remember that you also have direct access to your tutor Lyndsey who will answer any questions or help you through anything that you are struggling to understand. She is very good at using analogies to explain techy subjects in an easy to understand way and often has students with learning difficulties at her live workshops and on the Photocraft course.

  • I am deaf, am I still able to participate in the e-course?

    Yes! The course consists of mainly written content with diagrams and photographs. On the occasions where video is used there is text to accompany the videos in some cases or we can provide you with transcripts for the video content. Please notify us when booking if you need video transcripts to accompany the course.

  • What do I get for my money?

    Access to 100 fun and inspirational lessons / assignments written by Professional Photographer and tutor Lyndsey James that you can access for the duration of the e-course once they are published.

    PDF download of notes at the end of the course, giving you a handy source of reference material.

    Direct access to Lyndsey who will be online regularly and available to answer all of your questions, typically within 24 hours.

    Access to a small chat room where you can share ideas, progress and chat with other students in real time.

    A gorgeous Photocraft branded canvas book bag and notebooks posted to your door!

  • I have a discount code, how do I apply it?

    Simply enter your code by clicking the promotional code link above the green order now button. This will reduce the ticket price and show the discounted amount. Then proceed to select a ticket and order.

  • I don’t live in the UK, is the course still relevant?

    Yes, although the course is currently only available in English. If you understand written and verbal English and Paypal accepts your chosen currency then you won’t have any problems in participating in the course. (please check if your country restricts access to websites, see our Terms & Conditions page for more info)