By enrolling for a Photocraft E-Course you are agreeing to the following terms…

  • All payments final

    Once you have purchased your tickets no refunds can be made after you have accessed the course content. Access is confirmed by you logging in using your username and password.

    Prior to the course you can claim a full refund up to the date that the course begins (minus Eventbrite & Paypal processing fees). Allow up to 30 days for your refund to reach your account.

    You can transfer your ticket to a different date providing you have not logged in to access your course.

    Read all information provided and our FAQ to make sure this is the right e-Course for you. Feel free to contact us with questions!

  • Ticket Dates

    Tickets are eligible for the dates shown only. You are responsible for making sure that you only sign up to the course that is running on dates that you can attend. If you discover closer to the course date that you will not have time to complete the course, you can request a transfer before the course starts.

    You will not be able to access your course for an extended period, 24 weeks of access is granted for the 6 weeks course which is enough time to complete it x4 times.

  • Single license use

    By Purchasing a ticket you are purchasing a single user licence only. Log in behaviour is tracked your account will be blocked if we believe you to be sharing your log in details with others. Don’t risk it! Sharing course content outside of the classroom constitutes copyright infringement!

  • Copyright protected content

    All content of the Photocraft website and Online Workshops is strictly the Copyright of © Lyndsey James 2002-2016

    The ideas, methods and lessons contained within the course must not be shared or made public as this is considered Copyright infringement.

  • Keep it friendly

    Inappropriate behaviour or comments in the chat room will be deleted. The chatroom is a friendly environment for you to share your learning experience with others. Any user found using the chatroom to sell their own products or services or negatively discuss other people’s businesses will have their access immediately revoked. Sharing your business news and excitement is of course actively encouraged 🙂

  • Your camera

    Camera lessons are generic and cover popular functions available on the majority of modern compact cameras and entry level SLRs. Not ALL camera functions will be covered and your camera settings may differ to the examples shown. It may be necessary for you from time to time to find a setting in your instruction manual.

    Read about Equipment before booking!

  • Mailing list

    Ticket buyers will be added to the Lyndsey James Photography & Photocraft mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

  • Photo Submissions

    Any photos you submit may be used for educational or promotional purposes for Photocraft workshops. You will be credited for any photos used and your ownership rights are not affected. You can choose to opt by contacting your tutor when the course begins.

  • Genuine applications only

    In the interest of other attendees we research each and every registration and look at the supplied information. We reserve the right to decline your registration and refund your ticket for any reason without explanation, especially if we feel you are not a photography/styling beginner, are not a designer, maker, blogger or baker, or do not have a genuine interest in using the course for improving your business.

    If you sign up and we subsequently discover that you are accessing the course content for reasons other than learning, we reserve the right to remove your access and you will not receive a refund.

  • Internet Access

    Please ensure you have adequate internet access to complete the Photocraft course.  You will be able to access the course via a standard PC, with broadband internet access and a modern web browser.  If you are unable to access the course after purchasing a place you must inform Photocraft immediately.  Once you’ve started the course and have been able to access the content, you will not be eligible for any refund.

    Access in China and other restricted countries.
    Videos on the course are streamed via Vimeo, and you should be aware that China (and other countries that enforce restrictions in terms of internet access to some sites) might block your access to these videos if you trying to access the course website whilst in these countries. Obviously, this is beyond the control of Photocraft.  If you can view videos on Vimeo, then you will be able to view the videos on the course without any problems.

  • Module Tickets

    Update 20/10/16: If you previously purchased a Module ticket (no longer available to new students) the following terms still apply…

    Instead of having 24 weeks of course access from the start date, you will instead just receive access to the first 15 lessons for 4 weeks.

    After you have completed the lessons you can choose to;

    a) Continue straight onto the next module and purchase each part of the course in this manner at £80 per module. Purchase of all 6 modules consecutively would total the original course price of £495.

    b) Finish the course after Module 1 (or after any future module) without any further commitment.

    c) Take a break and continue with the course by purchasing access to the next module when you are ready.


    Promotional discounts cannot be used on Module Tickets unless specified.

    Modules can only be purchased in order. When you purchase a module ticket it will be for the next module in the sequence only.

    Module ticket holders must complete all 6 modules within 12 months from their original start date.